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Equipment Clamp
- Jan 31, 2019 -

Equipment clamp is used to connect busbar lead and outlet terminal of electrical equipment (such as transformer, circuit breaker, transformer, disconnector, wall bushing, etc.).

At present, the outlet terminals of common electrical equipment are copper and aluminium, and the outlet wires are mostly aluminium strands or steel-cored aluminium strands. Therefore, the clamps of equipment are divided into two series: copper clamps and copper-aluminium transition clamps.


JT means copper clamp, JTL means copper-aluminum clamp, conductor section 300 mm, distance 200 mm.

According to the installation and use method of equipment clamp, it can be divided into bolt type equipment clamp and compression type equipment clamp.

SSY-300A/200 (120*125)

Represents a double-wire hydraulic clamp with a conductor section of 300 mm, a wire spacing of 200 mm, and a wiring plate size of 130*125 mm.

The additional letter A represents the 0°, B represents for 30°, and C represent for 90°.