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Drop and Prevention of Overhead Lightning Conductor Caused by Abrasion of Suspension Clamp
- Jul 24, 2018 -

1、reason analysis

According to the survey, the areas where the overhead lines are dropped are located in areas with large wind power. The reason why the lightning conductor dropped due to the hanging vertical clamp wear is two: 

(1) Due to the action of wind force, the relative movement between the hull and the hanging plate of the suspension clamp is carried out, and the hanging plate is swinging around the hull hanging shaft for a small angle. Because the hanging plate is thinner, the function of the swing is like the slot mark under the cutting of the blade, which causes the force section of the hull shaft to be thinner and smaller. When the groove marks reach a certain degree, the hull of the wire clip falls from the suspension clamp under the weight of the lightning line itself, and the lightning arrester line is dropped to the ground accident.

(2) The draping line is too large or the lightning rod is not pressed, and the lightning protection line and the line clamp ship, under the action of the wind, produces relative motion, causing the wear line of the lightning rod; it shave or burn the lightning arrester under the action of the wind or strong lightning current, thus causing the lightning rod to fall off the suspension clamp, which is similar to the accident mentioned above. .

2、Preventive measures

(1) The hanging board of the hanger clip is fixed by the pin, and there is a flat gasket in the pin. The gasket covers the connecting part of the hanging shaft. If the shim is not opened, it is difficult to find the wear condition of the hull shaft. Therefore, when checking the wear degree of the hanging shaft, it is necessary to take off the bolt and open the gasket, and also in the inspection. Attention should be paid to the temporary measures to prevent the lightning arrester falling. 

(2) In order to prevent the wear line of the lightning arrester, the size of the suspension clamp should be selected according to the cross section of the lightning arrester line. In the course of construction, the aluminum cladding of the lightning arrester line at the clip line is wrapped up strictly according to the technical requirements and the lightning protection line is pressed tightly. 

(3) In the design of the wiring, only the requirements for the fittings are required, while other strength parameters are not required for inspection. Therefore, when the wind is strong and the wind is large, the wear-resistant wire clips (such as all kinds of alloys) and the draping clips with windproof components should be selected when the draping clips are selected for the design and construction of the lines.

(4) Ordinary line maintenance work, especially the annual overhaul of the line, should be strictly carried out according to the rules and regulations, and all kinds of draping clips should be opened and checked according to the regulations.

The inspection of the suspension clamp is a link often neglected in the line maintenance work. While strengthening the construction technology and material selection, it is necessary to strengthen the ordinary maintenance and management, set up the table ledger for the bar section which is prone to draping line clip, shorten the check period of the clamp, and increase the inspection item of the suspension clamp in the daily inspection and so on.