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Cleaning method of Insulators
- Apr 20, 2018 -

* Live Water Flushing: 2 methods of flood and small flooding. Flushing water, the effective length of the operation Rod, and the distance between the person and the charged part must conform to the requirements of the industry regulations.
* Power cut: is in the line after power failure workers to use a cloth to wipe, such as wipe clean, can be used wet cloth wipe, may also be scrubbed with detergent, if the scrub is not clean, you should replace the insulator or the composite insulator.
* No power failure cleaning: is generally the use of a brush or tied to cotton yarn insulation rod, in the running line to rub insulators, the use of insulating rod electrical performance and effective length, and the distance between people and charged parts, should be in line with the corresponding voltage levels, the operation must have special care.