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Classification of Insulators
- Nov 28, 2018 -

Insulators can be divided into suspended insulators and post insulators, according to different installation methods; 

It can divided into porcelain insulators, glass insulators and composite insulators (also known as composite insulators) according to the different insulation materials used; and low voltage insulators and high voltage insulators according to the different voltage levels used; and high voltage insulators according to the use of insulators; Contamination-resistant insulators used in contaminated areas are derived from different environmental conditions; DC insulators are derived from different types of voltages; insulators for various special purposes, such as insulating crossbars, semiconductor glaze insulators and tension insulators for distribution, shaft insulators and wiring insulators. In addition, according to the breakdown probability of insulators, it can be divided into two types: A type non-breakdown insulator and B type breakdown insulator.

The main function of insulators is to achieve electrical insulation and mechanical fixation, for which there are various requirements of electrical and mechanical properties. If there is no breakdown or surface flashover under the prescribed operating voltage, lightning overvoltage and internal overvoltage, no damage or damage will occur under the prescribed long-term and short-term mechanical load, and no obvious deterioration will occur after long-term operation under the prescribed mechanical, electrical load and various environmental conditions. In order to avoid interfering with the radio or television reception, the electronic hardware does not produce obvious corona discharge under the operating voltage. Because insulators are widely used devices, their connection fittings also require interchangeability. In addition, the technical standards of insulators also require various electrical, mechanical, physical and environmental conditions of the insulator to test its performance and quality according to the type and use conditions.