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Characteristics of Preformed Suspension Clamp
- Sep 28, 2018 -

1. The stress distribution is uniform (compared with the ordinary suspension clamp, the pre-twisted suspension has a larger contact area with the cable, the stress distribution is uniform, greatly improving the ability of the cable to withstand stress).

2. Reduce cable wear (the pre-twisted wire of the suspension clamp has enough grip force to withstand higher unbalanced load, thus avoiding cable slip and reducing cable friction). 

3. Strong fatigue resistance (pre-twisted suspension clamp does not have any bolts directly acting on the cable, reducing the stress of fittings on the cable, while equipped with rubber clamp, further reducing the dynamic bending stress of the cable at the suspension point). 

4. Long service life (the pre-twisted wire of the suspension clamp is made of the same material as the cable, with excellent elasticity and hardness, strong corrosion resistance, and extended service life).

5. Good electrical performance (the end of the pre-twisted wire of the suspension clamp is rounded to avoid corona discharge at the tip).

6. Simple installation, efficient and energy-saving (pre-twisted metal construction and installation do not require any installation tools, bare-handed operation, time-saving and labor-saving).