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Characteristics of Installation Technique of Tension Resistant Clamp
- Jul 13, 2018 -

1. During the use of the tensioning clamp, it must be required to meet the national standard. Therefore, the professional staff should be able to master the ability to distinguish the high quality tension clamp, so as to meet the needs of the daily construction.

2. Because the installation of the tension clamp is very simple, under the premise of less construction personnel, the same can complete the installation work, and all the installation process without any tool assistance, so a professional can also complete the installation of all tenders.

3. Influenced by the production technology, the tensile strength of all kinds of tensioning clamp is very high, and the reliability of the grip is high. It can effectively prolong the specific service life of the tensioning clamp, which plays an important role in the construction of many large power grids.

Because of the wide range of use of tensioning clamp, and the ability to configure the anti-theft ring and so on, it can effectively solve the problem of theft and improve the overall safety factor of the power grid in the construction of large power grid.