Protective Fitting

  • Spacer

    Spacer★ Spacers Spacer for Double Condutor (Type FJQ)
    ★ Spacer for 500Kv Line Jumper Conductor

  • Vibration Damper

    Vibration Damper★ Vibration Damper Vibration Dampers (Type FR)
    ★ Vibration Dampers (Type FD and FG)

  • Preformed Amor Rods

    Preformed Amor Rods★ Preformed Amor Rods Preformed Armor Rods (Type FYH)

  • Spacer Dampers

    Spacer Dampers★ Spacer Dampers Square Frame Type
    ★ Spacers-dampers (Type JZF)
    ★ Rectangular Frame Type Spacer-dampers

  • Counter Weight Assemblies

    Counter Weight Assemblies★ Couner Weight Assembles
    ★ Weight Assemble
    ★ Counter Weight Pieces

  • Grading ring

    Grading ring★ Grading ring can distribute the high pressure evenly around the object.
    ★ The main function of the Grading ring is to mean pressure.

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