Link Fitting

  • Ball Eyes

    Ball Eyes★ The installation is simple and convenient for construction
    ★ The installation quality is easy to guarantee: consistency is strong, can
    be tested easily by the naked eye; the appearance is simple and beautiful
    ★ It is versatile and can...

  • Socket-clevis Eye

    Socket-clevis Eye★ Socket-clevis Eye, Type WS
    ★ Hot-dip galvanized
    ★The socket-clevis eyes are malleable iron or casting steel, theses curity clips are bronze or stainless steel. cotter-pins are stainless, ferrous parts are hot-dip galvanized.

  • U Shackles

    U Shackles★ U Shackles The cotter pin are stainless, the other parts are hot-dip galvanized steel.
    ★ The U Shackles is made of round steel and can be used separately.
    ★ It can also be used in two series.

  • Clevis

    Clevis★ Clevis Clevises (Type Z)

  • Adjustable Plate

    Adjustable Plate★ Adjustable Plate Adjuster Plates (Type PT)
    ★ The Adjustable Plate is a plate joint fitting with adjustable connection length.

  • U Bolts

    U Bolts★ U-Bolts

  • Yoke Plate

    Yoke Plate★ Yoke Plate Yoke Plate (Type L)
    ★ Yoke Plates (Type LF)

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