Middle Span Suspension Clamp

Middle Span Suspension Clamp

★Middle Span Suspension Clamp
★Suspension Sets for 600m Span Length

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The Preformed Suspension Clamp is the connecting hardware of ADSS cable which hanging in transmission line pole (tower). It can reduce static stress at the support point, improve cable ant-vibration ability, and cushioned against the dynamic stress of Aeolian vibration. as well as ensure that the cable bending will not exceed the permissible values, make the cable does not produce bending stress, so that the fiber optic don’t produce extra loss in the cables.

insulator overview

Structure and Material:

Housing--- It is made of corrosion resistance cast aluminum alloy, which is stable, better anticorrosive in aero and mechanical performance.

Rubber Insert--- It consists of high-class rubber and center reinforcing assembly, rubber insert is with ozone resistance, chemical resistances, weather resistance performance, with high and low temperature performance, high strength and elasticity, small compression deformation.

Bolt, Flat Washer, Spring Washer, Nut, Split Lock, Shackle--- Standard Parts of Electric Power.

Inner Preformed Rods---According to the mechanical performance and chemical composition to custom-made the aluminum alloy wire, with high tensile strength, hardness strength and excellent elasticity and strong rust resistance , it can be used for a long time in the bad weather condition.

Outer Preformed Rods--- The same as the Inner Preformed Rods.

Technical Data: Recommended Span Length: 500~600m 

Standards information: One set of Suspension Set includes a unit of Inner Protection Rods, a unit of Outer Protection Rods, a Housing clamp, a Rubber Insert and an Anchor Shackle.

insulator parameters

Suspension Sets for 600m Span Length:


Standards information for Middle Span Suspension Clamp:

Cable Diameter
Range (mm) 
Inner  Protection RodsOuter  Reinforcing RodsColor
AXF 1150 06010.9-11.5174011104011green
AXF 1220 06011.6-12.2176012106012cyan
AXF 1290 06012.3-12.9178012108013blue
AXF 1360 06013.0-13.6180013110013purple
AXF 1430 06013.7-14.3182013112013black
AXF 1500 06014.4-15.0192012122012red
AXF 1570 06015.1-15.7194012124012orange
AXF 1640 06015.8-16.4196013126012yellow
AXF 1710 06016.5-17.1198013128013green
AXF 1780 06017.2-17.8200013130013cyan
AXF 1850 06017.9-18.5202014132013blue

insulator features


◆ The suspension line clip and ADSS fiber cable have a larger contact area, the stress distribution is uniform, no stress concentration point, at the same time, the rigidity of the ADSS optical cable is enhanced and the protective effect is better.

◆ The internal structure of the ADSS draping clamp is fitted with flexible rubber block, which can enhance the self damping to reduce the wear capacity of the dynamic stress, and provide enough grip to protect the ADSS fiber cable to operate safely under the condition of unbalanced load.


◆high quality aluminum alloy material, high strength aluminum alloy casting, has super mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, greatly prolonging the service life of optical cable.


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    T/T or L/C at sight.

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    Generally, it will take 20 to 40 days after receiving your advance payment. The specific delivery time depends on the products and the quantity of your order.

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    We usually pack our goods in cartons or pallets. We can also pack them according to your special requirements.

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    If the number of goods is small we usually use DHL and some express you offered. If the number of the goods is big usually by sea or by air.

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