Middle Short Span Suspension Clamp

Middle Short Span Suspension Clamp

★ Improve the anti vibration energy of the cable
★ Super mechanical properties and corrosion resistance
★ It can resist the ozone corrosion, and the influence of extreme high temperature, low temperature and other bad climate and can bear pressure

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The combination of the HSU and Armor Rods provides protection against cable bending stress, there is no other stress concentration, so that the fiber optic doesn't produce extra loss in the cable.

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Product name:Middle Short Span Suspension Clamp

Place of origin:China                Breaking Strength: 50KN
Recommended Span Length: ≤700m 

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Standards information of Middle Short Span Suspension Clamp:

Specification ModleCable Diameter Range (mm) Inner Protection RodsOuter Reinforcing RodsColor
AXF 1010 0509.5-10.115401094011orange
AXF 1080 05010.2-10.815601196011yellow
AXF 1150 05010.9-11.515801198011green
AXF 1220 05011.6-12.2160012100012cyan
AXF 1290 05012.3-12.9162012102013blue
AXF 1360 05013.0-13.6164013104013purple
AXF 1430 05013.7-14.3166013106013black
AXF 1500 05014.4-15.0176012116012red
AXF 1570 05015.1-15.7178012118012orange
AXF 1640 05015.8-16.4180013120012yellow
AXF 1710 05016.5-17.1182013122013green
AXF 1780 05017.2-17.8184013124013cyan
AXF 1850 05017.9-18.5186014126013blue

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Application Guide :
1.Middle Short Span Suspension Clamp is designed to connect straight pole and ADSS cable, or elevation angel greater than 25. Pole and cable. The special specification: one unit per pole.
2.Select the specification model corresponding to the appropriate Cable Range, Load-weight or Span Length.



◆High quality aluminum alloy material, high strength aluminum alloy casting, has super mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, greatly prolonging the service life of optical cable.

Middle Short Span Suspension Clamp is made of high strength aluminum alloy wire inside and outside the hanging wire. The rubber liner contains a piece of aluminum alloy plate. It can resist the ozone corrosion, and the influence of extreme high temperature, low temperature and other bad climate and can bear pressure. It can also reduce the static stress of the cable at the suspension point, and improve the anti vibration energy of the cable. Force, to suppress the dynamic stress of the wind vibration.

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1.  What's your advantage?

We focus on providing high-quality power fittings for many years, and will give you the most suitable price and comfortable after-sales service.

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T/T or L/C at sight.

3.  How's the delivery time?

Generally, it will take 20 to 40 days after receiving your advance payment. The specific delivery time depends on the products and the quantity of your order.

4.  Can I have some samples?

Few pcs of product's samples are available, but the freight should be collected.

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We usually pack our goods in cartons or pallets. We can also pack them according to your special requirements.

6.  How about the transport?

If the number of goods is small we usually use DHL and some express you offered. If the number of the goods is big usually by sea or by air.

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